The Inside Rail

52 degrees and showers.

Steady rain this morning. Dictina's Boy and Border Agent huddle near the front gate, wet, heads down, ears back. Kissin Conquest and Eagle Poise huddle near the back gate, wet, heads down, ears back. Dry, pristine sheds stand on the other sides of both fields, untouched. Perhaps, I'll convert them to something, chicken coop, cabana bar.

After you spend time on the farm, you wonder how anybody would actually wager- betting or buying - on these strange creatures who rarely do anything predictable. Each morning I wake up and walk once around the house, just to see where the horses are, what they're doing. Rarely are they doing the same thing, one day they're standing at the gate, another they're at the far end of the field grazing like they're on an Idaho prairie, another they're fighting like Trump and Rubio. If you had to predict - bet - on their behavior, you would lose.

Strange, endearing, captivating creatures - guess that's what we like.

Watching Aintree, two races down, Willie Mullins inching closer to a British title from Ireland. No one has dominated like Mullins.

Nyquist has an elevated white blood cell count, walking today. The first blip on the screen for the undefeated Derby favorite?

Clancy Bloodstock and Stroud Coleman Bloodstock had a winner yesterday as Natural Order scored in an allowance race at Tampa Bay Downs. To my count, that's win 208 for Clancy Bloodstock/Riverdee since we purchased eventual timber champion Thor Thors from Hall of Famer P.G. Johnson back when I was still riding races.  

Once again proving the power of the Internet, my binoculars have been discovered and are waiting for me at Thomas & Talbot Real Estate office in Middleburg. You have to love our community. I guess I did write, "Reward offered." Hmmm. I wonder if a box of cookies from the Upper Crust Bakery will suffice...?


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