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I read once that writing is 10 percent talent and 90 percent not getting distracted by the Internet. Or something like that. There are mornings when I wonder what happened to my morning. Some flitter away, distracted by the Internet. 

I got distracted this morning, thinking and Googling Jeff Lukas. 

Lukas died last week. Before my time as a journalist, Jeff worked for his dad, Hall of Fame trainer, D. Wayne Lukas. I know all his other assistants - Dallas, Pletcher, Hennig, Kiaran - and know that Jeff Lukas was right there with them. A horse trainer. Simply a horse trainer. 

His career, his life, was snatched away when he made the split-second decision to catch a loose horse. We've all done it. 

Life is fragile, we are reminded yet again. 

The Internet distracted me today. But, after reading Tim Layden's article on Jeff Lukas, I don't feel like it was wasted. 

Read it here

Perhaps, I'll appreciate something today that I would have otherwise missed. 




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