The Outside Rail

Contributions from TIHR co-founder, editor and writer Joe Clancy.

Ben at Rest

As my journalism professors told me it would, a pencil saved me as I scribbled down some observations. I’m sure I still have the notebook (because I hardly ever throw those things away), but I’m not sure where it is. The notes would have been difficult to read, and would have gone something like this:

Go for a run for Jake, Lee Lee, Paddy

“Every year I say I’m running in that thing. One of these years, I’m going to do it.”

Jake Chalfin heard my excuse for not taking part in the annual Chasin for Chalfin trail run, looked me in the eye and said something to the effect of “Well, if you don’t wimp out this year we’d love to have you.” Only he didn’t put it that nicely.

So I signed up.

Fasig-Tipton's Bennett recovering from heart surgery

Fasig-Tipton Midlantic sales buyers and sellers will tell you Paget Bennett is “one in a million” and now they’ve got proof. The regional director of sales, based in the company’s Fair Hill, Md. office is recovering from surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm late last month.

Irish War Cry delivers an answer in Wood

I know Graham Motion well enough to know when he doesn’t want to answer a question, or when he can't really conjure a 566th answer to a question he’s been asked 565 times. But I usually ask anyway.

Last Tuesday, I asked. “So why was that last race so bad?”

Stopping by the farm

Mostly, I had time to kill. What I got was a great morning and a reminder of a few things. One, horses are cool creatures. Two, horse people work hard. And three, I need to get out of the office more often.

It's Your Nickel scores for breeder Wigmore

Hockey and horse racing. Start a conversation about one or the other and you’re liable to get somewhere. I called Steve Wigmore about both two weeks ago. He owns a horse named after a hockey player I follow (the horse, Gostisbehere, is with Charlie LoPresti; the player, defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere, is in his second season with the Philadelphia Flyers) and we published a story last week about them that shed some light on both.

Remembering Jim Stevenson

If Jim Stevenson read this, he’d probably say I overwrote it. Something like that, anyway. But, here goes.

Many Clouds made me think

I was in a Starbucks, sipping a too-hot, venti Earl Grey and recovering from a Saturday morning spin class. That’s what we do on Saturdays. Nolan swims, Sam and I spin, go to Starbucks, get him a hot chocolate on the way out and head back to the YMCA in time for the end of swim practice.

Pegasus takes flight

You ready for Pegasus World Cup I? The Roman numeral is mine, but if ever a horse race deserved the Super Bowl designation it’s one named after a statue of a mythical winged horse stomping on a fire-breathing dragon. But there’s more to the Pegasus, which is harder to type than I thought, than a gimmick.

So you want a new website...

Our first website was supposed to be a steeplechase portal, before anybody knew what a portal was. We called it or some such thing. It was awful.