The sixth week of the 2017 Saratoga meet comes to a close with a nine-race card on the 34th day of racing Monday.

The $100,000 Better Talk Now, a 1-mile turf stakes for 3-year-olds, is the day’s feature as fans, horseplayers and horsemen continue to recover or relish in their success from Travers Day.

The Saratoga Special handicappers are back for another Monday, when their picks appear exclusively here at There’s plenty of intrigue into their respective seasons.

Defending champ John Shapazian lengthened his advantage at the top with another strong week and heads into the final day of Week 6 with 104 winners from 332 races – a strike rate of 31.3 percent. Charles Bedard enjoyed his run at the top and is still within shouting distance heading into the last week with 97 winners. Gaile Fitzgerald is steadily making up for a slow start and sits with 89 winners, while Tom Law is on a quest for 100 winners at the meet with just 82.

Here are the handicapper’s picks for Monday, Aug. 28. Don’t forget, their picks will also appear right here Wednesday and in the print edition of The Special Thursday to Sunday. Enjoy and good luck!

1-Discretionary Marq , Heart In Hand, Speightful Kitten.
2-North Eight Street, Easy Way Out, Isotope.
3-A Fleet Attitude, Dubb entry, Scarly Charly.
4-Aife, Bixby Lou, Cleo.
5-Mango M, Big Gemmy, Honor Up.
6-Hot And Heavy, Candy Asset, Sanavi.
7-Vigor, Orecchiette, Quality Time.
8-Blind Ambition, Snap Decision, Hieroglyphics.
9-Viradia, Halo Laelia, Lady Of Miracles.

1-Discretionary Marq, Speightful Kitten, Heart In Hand.
2-Isotope, Easy Way Out, North Eight Street.
3-A Fleet Attitude, No Hiding Place, Rodriguez entry.
4-Aife, Brown Paper, Cleo.
5-Honor Up, Big Gemmy, Mango M.
6-Candy Asset, Hot And Heavy, Thirsty Actor.
7-Pray For Bourbon, Fire Key, Orecchiette.
8-Snap Decision, Holiday Stone, Hieroglyphics.
9-Lady Of Miracles, English Soul, Viradia.

TOM LAW (82/332):
1-Discretionary Marq, Heart In Hand, Speightful Kitten.
2-Easy Way Out, Desirous, Isotope.
3-Marriedtothemusic, No Hiding Place, A Fleet Attitude.
4-Cleo, Final Flurry, Aife.
5-Mango M, Golden Seal, Big Gemmy.
6-The Great Samurai, Bellows, Minister’s Strike.
7-Orecchiette, Fire Key, Vigor.
8-Snap Decision, Blind Ambition, Small Bear.
9-Halo Laelia, Stone Cold Flirt, Viradia.

1-Speightful  Kitten, Discretionary Marq, Heart In Hand.
2-Easy Way Out, Desirous, North Eight Street.
3-Rodriguez entry, A Fleet Attitude, Scarly Charly.
4-Final Flurry, Aife, Bixby Lou.
5-Honor Up, Big Gemmy, Mango M.
6-Hot And Heavy, Thirsty Actor, Candy Asset.
7-Vigor, Orechiette, Fire Key.
8-Snap Decision, Hieroglyphics, Holiday Stone.
9-Blue Atlas, Viradia, Imperfect Union.