The fourth week of the 2017 Saratoga Race Course meeting springs into gear with a 10-race card Wednesday topped by the $100,000 New York Stallion Series Statue of Liberty and a competitive steeplechase handicap.

We just ended a six-day run of The Saratoga Special and will return with the print and digital editions Thursday, and our normal Thursday to Sunday schedule through the rest of the meet. The handicappers are back Wednesday for the start of Week 4 and we’ve got a tight battle at the top between defending champ John Shapazian and Charles Bedard.

Shapazian ripped off a solid Week 3, picking 18 winners over the six-day stretch, to close the gap from six wins to just one heading into Wednesday. Bedard leads for the season, 46-45. Tom Law and Gaile Fitzgerald are tied for third – or last, depending on your perspective – with 40 winners.

We’ll be back with four more guest handicappers this week and as it stands so far Week 1 guest Todd Shimkus and Week 3 guest Acacia Courtney are tops with three wins apiece.

Here are the handicapper’s picks for Wednesday, Aug. 9. Good luck.

John Shapazian (45/162):
1-Selection Sunday, Orchestra Leader, Choral Society.
2-Sunset Ridge, Silly Sister, Tiznow’s Smile.
3-Wildcat Belle, Spectacular Me, Lamontagne.
4-Everybody Loves Me, Hint Of Mint, Princess Char.
5-Fox Strike, Sidd Finch, Singapore Trader.
6-Crimson Frost, Tiz A Kitten, Fahan Mura.
7-Verdant Pastures, Cotton Candy Cutie, About That Base.
8-On My Toes, Madame Uno, Desert Duchess.
9-Blind Ambition, Malraux, Expedited Vision.
10-Fairybrook, Loose, Fortunate Queen.

Gaile Fitzgerald (40/162):

1-Selection Sunday, Giza, No Wonder.
2-Silly Sister, Tiznow's Smile, Sunset Ridge.
3-Spectacular Me, Lamontagne, Reckless Humor.
4-Everybody Loves Me, Hint Of Mint, Princess Char.
5-Sidd Finch, No Worries Mate, Singapore.
6-Tiz A Kitten, Fahan Mura, Vasilika.
7-Three Eighty Eight, Verdant Pastures, About That Base.
8-Silver Magnolia, Madame Uno, Thrice.
9-Mongo Nation, Expedited Vision, Blind Ambition.
10-Fairybrook, Fortunate Queen, Loose.

Tom Law (40/162):

1-Giza, Selection Sunday, Orchestra Leader.
2-Sunset Ridge, Silly Sister, Tiznow’s Smile.
3-Spectacular Me, Awesome Quick, Double Dose.
4-Hint Of Mint, Everybody Loves Me, Lady Ivanka.
5-Sidd Finch, Phone Funky Munky, Singapore Trader.
6-Fields Of Song, Tiz A Kitten, Fahan Mura.
7-About That Base, Three Eighty Eight, Cool As You Like.
8-Thrice, On My Toes, Madame Uno.
9-Malraux, Blind Ambition, Expedited Vision.
10-Fairybrook, Divine Caroline, Ouro Verde.

Charles Bedard (46/162):
1-No Wunder, Fantastic Song, Plated.
2-Sunset Ridge, Silly Sister, Tiznow’s Smile.
3-Wildcat Belle, Spectacular Me, Lamontagne.
4-Everybody Loves Me, Princess Char, Lady Ivanka.
5-Sidd Finch, Singapore Trader, Fox Strike.
6-Crimson Frost, Fahan Mura, Tiz A Kitten.
7-Verdant Pastures, Three Eighty Eight, Cotton Candy Cutie.
8-Desert Duchess, Thrice, City Section.
9-Blind Ambition, Mongo Nation, Malraux.
10-Fairybrook, Fortunate Queen, Loose.

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