As amazing as it seems we are down to the final 10 days of the year, so what better way to reflect back than with a review of the most popular stories of 2016 from the “pages” of This Is Horse Racing.

People ask us what we do the rest of the year all the time during the Saratoga meet and the answer is where your web browser or smartphone is pointed at this very moment. This Is Horse Racing is our (slightly pared down) version of The Saratoga Special, living and breathing 365 days a year. For the purposes of this list we’ve only included the first 355 days, but fear not, it’s a complete list that features a wide variety of topics on horses and horse people, our two favorite subjects.

We relied on you the reader for the list, basing it solely on traffic numbers. Full disclosure, we did tinker with the list a little bit but only to avoid duplication of topics. We also didn’t include any articles from The Saratoga Special, which we would guess might be the most well read things we do all year. Otherwise, this is it, the Top 10 for 2016.

The first story in our series recaps Tom’s late winter/early spring visit to Princetown just outside Saratoga County to visit veteran horseman Artie Magnuson and his new Across The Board Stables full-service operation. The story ran March 30 and is No. 10 on the Top 10 for 2016.

10: Magnuson excited to be back in upstate New York