And then there were two. We’re down to the two most read stories of the year here at This Is Horse Racing and first up for the New Year’s Eve weekend is a touching farewell to Breeders’ Cup Turf winner Better Talk Now.

Written by occasional TIHR contributor Maggie Kimmitt and titled “Time to say goodbye,” the feature detailed Maggie’s, Su Chung’s and Fanella O’Flynn’s drive from Fair Hill to Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, Pa., to check on Better Talk Now. The gelding underwent colic surgery and had been hospitalized at New Bolton for nearly three weeks.

“It felt like we were marching straight into a sucker punch to the kidneys,” Maggie wrote.

“We had all known since earlier in the day that this outcome was a strong possibility. Anita Motion broke the news to me as soon as I arrived for work that morning. Fenella ran into Graham Motion at the barn where he shared the same update with her.”

You need to read this piece again, a summary simply doesn’t do it justice. Check it out right here, “Time to say goodbye” is the second most read story of 2017 at This Is Horse Racing. Take care and enjoy.

No. 2: Better Talk Now: Time to say goodbye

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