The racing world mourned the passing of Penny Chenery in mid-September and the death of Secretariat’s owner sparked many memorable tributes. Sean Clancy’s blog post looking back on his experience with Chenery finishes 2017 as the sixth most read piece here at This Is Horse Racing.

Posted in his The Inside Rail space and titled “My summer rental with Penny Chenery,” Sean’s column detailed how he and a group of fellow riders landed in the same summer rental house for the 1994 Saratoga meet.

The blog started with a classic exchange between housemates.

“Uh, um, uh, good morning,” I said, stammering like a scolded dog.

I smiled the best I could as I looked down at the dirt I had tracked through the kitchen. I nodded and walked up the steps.

“Who’s the old lady?” asked Chip Miller, who had already kitchen-traipsed and was lying on the couch with a cold piece of pizza and an oil can of Foster’s.

“Who’s the old lady? Who’s the old lady?” I said. “That’s Penny Chenery. The Penny Chenery.”

The column was posted Sept. 26 and is No. 6 on the TIHR Top 10 for 2017. Enjoy.

No. 6: My summer rental with Penny Chenery

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