Special Readers Club

readers strip

You read The Saratoga Special. Of course you do. But are you a Special Reader? This summer you can be. Join The Special’s new Readers Club and receive a growing list of benefits.

For starters, members receive:

• Early email notice of new editions.
• A Saratoga Special sticker.
• A Saratoga Special hat.
• Invitations to special events we haven’t scheduled yet. You’ll be the first to know.
• Other benefits we’re still dreaming up (we’re open to suggestions).

Most importantly, you get the satisfaction of helping produce your favorite Saratoga newspaper and being part of something unique. Thanks to our generous advertisers, The Special is thriving but we’ve long heard from fans about ways to get involved. Here’s your chance. Special readers are already part of a community. We just want to see it grow, and make the most of it.

Cost is $35 per year, and the program is totally optional. The Special is free to read, in print within the 12866 or online at thisishorseracing.com. We hope you’ll sign up, but you don’t have to. Thanks for being there, and welcome aboard. Tell your friends.


Fine print: Stickers and hats mailed to United States addresses only, though we’d prefer you stop by the office in Saratoga or Fair Hill and save us some time/money. 

More fine print: Cool photos above by Susie Raisher, Tod Marks and that dog's person.