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Who are we? Our three least favorite words in the dictionary. Who are we? How much time do you have?

Start at the beginning.

Joe and Sean Clancy began their horse racing odyssey early. Both worked for their dad, Joe, a successful flat and steeplechase trainer in the Mid-Atlantic, putting themselves through school by walking hots, galloping horses, going to the races and landing weekend betting coups from Far Hills to Fair Hill, Saratoga to Stoneybrook, Rockingham to Rolling Rock. Most kids went to ball games in the city, they went to point-to-points in the country.

Joe dabbled as an amateur rider but always knew it was a lark while Sean started riding pony races early and set his sights on being a steeplechase jockey.

Mom and Dad always said go to college and Joe and Sean listened, graduating from the University of Delaware five years apart. Joe left with a communications degree, a journalism minor and his future wife. Sean graduated with a very useful degree in history and a free pass to make it big as a jockey.

The brothers began their writing odyssey in 1994 when they started Steeplechase Times from Joe's basement in Newark, Delaware. Sean was riding races, Joe was working as a sports editor for a local newspaper. They wanted a project and knew the game needed a publication. The brothers added The Saratoga Special in 2001, the Thoroughbred Racing Calendar somewhere along the line and have continually grown the company and their writing to include different projects, publications and clients. Got an idea, they'll listen.

Saratoga native Tom Law came on board in 2013 after his longtime employer, Thoroughbred Times, went bankrupt. Tom and Sean had joked for years about the day Tom needed a job. The day came and now Joe, Sean and Tom team up to bring you the best in horse racing journalism.

So, the timeline in racing journalism for ST Publishing, Inc. (call that the corporate parent of all this, not that it's corporate) starts with Steeplechase Times, adds The Saratoga Special and adapts to thisishorseracing.com - a website we hope you'll read often and take part in regularly. In addition, the team can be found editing/writing for Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred magazine and other projects for ST and others. 

Awards & In the News


- Joe Clancy wins Joe Hirsch Award from NYRA for Belmont Stakes coverage in 2015. June 2016.

- Clancy Brothers receive Charles Engelhard Award from Kentucky Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders for excellence in Thoroughbred racing journalism. April 2016.

- Tom Law wins Joe Hirsch Award from NYRA for Belmont Stakes coverage in 2014. June 2015.

- American Horse Publications honors Clancys for 2014 writing. June 2015.

- Joe Clancy wins David F. Woods Award from Maryland Jockey Club for Preaknes coverage in 2014. May 2015.

Drape, Joe. "Reporting on Racing, With Love Beyond Words" The New York Times 21 August 2014. 

Tom Law wins 2011 Eclipse Award. (youtube video)

Sean at Saratoga (youtube video)

Sean co-hosts Darley at Jonabell Stallion Show (youtube video)

Joe wins 2014 Eclipse Award for Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred article about Preakness Stakes.

Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred takes eight awards in American Horse Publications' 2013 editorial contest.

Sean wins 2009 Eclipse Award for column in The Blood-Horse.


Other Honors and Accolades

- American Horse Publications General Excellence Award: Steeplechase Times (newspaper) 2009, 2008, 2007, 1999, 1996. 

- American Horse Publications General Excellence Award: Best of The Saratoga Special (book) 2006.

- American Horse Publications individual article first place prizes: Steeplechase Times 2012 and 2006.

- Benjamin Franklin Book Award for Barbaro, by Sean Clancy 2008.