Cup of Coffee: Sound and the Fury

- -

Wednesday morning. 10 o’clock. Clocker stand. Turf works.

How many clockers you have up here? It won’t be enough. Can’t catch them. The most important move is the one who’s just galloping, Booby Trap, with Kent over there.

Coming to the 6. I’ll take Proctor, wire to wire. You got it. Bobby, you take contestant number one coming to the half. Meg, you’ve got white towel, contestant number two. Charlotte, you get the set, contestant number three. Chris, which one you want, brother? Get ready guys, here we go.

I got white. White is not working. Did you take the white? Don’t listen to Dave. Don’t listen to a word he says. I’ve got five-eighths. I’m behind you. I’ve got single again at the five-eighths. That’s my six. I’m off. They’re all covered.


I got 11 and 4 that eighth. She’s working, bro. 35 and 1 for her. I’ve got Levine, leaving the five. I’m still open, Brian. Bush. 47.06. 35 and 1 for the last three-eighths for Booby Trap. You get the horse leaving the five-eighths. I’m going five-eighths right now.

White saddle towel. 49 and 2 for that set. White towels. Rusty Arnold. 59 and 3 for Tommy Bush. That’s Get Stormy. I just went five-eighths, Barclay Tagg. Go behind me, anything you got. They’re galloping out. I got the gray. I got the gray. Go orange, gray. I got Levine. I got the chestnut behind him.

I’ve got Our Douglas coming in here at seven-eighths. Mike, that was a work. Mike that was a work. Did they have a clock on her? I got Dutrow. Go 4 Dutrow. Dutrow. Levine. I’m going half-mile Proctor right now.

Minute and 3. I’ll take this team coming. Four Taggs at the wire. 1:02 and 1. Tommy, one of your horses worked 59 and 3. The single. What about the team? Who had Tommy Bush’s first half. 47.06, Tommy. Thanks.

Are those covered? Tagg set 49 and 1. Proctor single, 48 and 4. Somebody go five-eighths. I took all three. I’ll take Rice, if she breaks from the 4. Keertana here for Proctor. 51 for Keertana.

Bay horse with the black. I got Linda. There was a galloper and Dutrow. I got Dutrow team in 50 and 2. Rodriguez started 3 behind and finished 5 in front.

I’ve got five-eighths. I have LR and I have a horse who broke at the 3. Horse coming to the half I got five-eighths. This horse right now, in white towel started behind. They’re all Shug’s. I’ve got a white cap. That was 35 and 4. Who was the horse at the wire? That was Badgett. I got three-eighths on him. It was a half though. Stay on them Charlotte, they’re going to eventually go.

We’re clear right now. Are these going from the half? Nah, still galloping.

Got the inside horse in 49 and 4, the outside started 4 back and finished even. Stanley Hough went in 50. A bay and chestnut. I just went 4 Lorna. You took Lorna? Somebody’s got to take this 5. Angel’s horses are in progress. I’m off. I’m going behind you. He went further than that. I’ve got Pinckney. I’ve got Baletti. Jesus. Somebody get . . . never mind. I have no idea. This is coming up a half.

The orange blinkers, I have a half. I’ll take a 4. Go for it. I’ve got 4. 50 and 4 for the Lorna horse. Going 4. Going 4. Pinckney Hill 1:01 and 1. Minute flat for Baletti. That horse coming to the half I have from the five-eighths. It’s a gallop out. Galluscio 49 and 4. I’ve got Sheppard leaving the 5. Who do I have here? Could be Clement. Clement. 48.69 for Clement. Perfect.

Go behind me. Take him from the 3. LR, 47 and 1. That is Staying On. En Fuego. I’ll go 4. Georgie Weaver gets 1:02 and 2. GW 1:02 and 2. Half team? Single. I’m off that gray. Sheppard coming here, Leparoux better, Leparoux is a minute and 2, the other is a minute and 4.

Chad Brown 35 and 3. Somebody go 4. I got it. I got it. You got it? The horse at the three and a half is taken? Yes. Blinkers going to go. You got McPeek. I got McPeek. Coming behind you, the set of three. There’s another team coming up. I’m going to go 4 with that set. Chad Brown. Is that the horse you took? Past the five eighths.

That’s Leparoux galloping out. There’s another team coming up. I got TAP going 4. I took this horse, 52. The gray horse with a blue towel. Is that Shug? That’s Toner. 48 flat. I have blinkers coming, right? Go 4. Go 4. Who do we have here? A load of Wesley Ward’s, 48 and 3. Same for Contessa. Got a set of McPeek’s. TAP 7 and 2. Chad Brown, 49 and 3. That was the Ward set. Anybody else going? They’re all gallop-outers. What did we have for Todd’s set? 47 and 2. Set going 5. Set going 5. At the five-eighths. Horse down. Horse down.

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