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An original oil painting of Saratoga staple Sam the Bugler (aka Sam Grossman) was stolen from artist Terry Lindsay’s Equidae Gallery in the downtown Holiday Inn on Broadway, where it had been displayed by the front door.

The theft occurred Sunday, Aug. 31, while Lindsay was in the Saratoga Springs gallery.

Lindsey said the painting, valued at $6,000, was resting on an easel at the entrance to the hotel gallery, and she was standing less than five feet from it when it was taken.

“The easel rattled and I thought it was my help bringing in the painting of Sam for lock up,” Lindsay said, “only to find that it was actually being stolen.”

“I saw light-colored four-door car with what appeared to be four guys,” she said, “leaving with Sam the Bugler painting wedged behind the front seat.”

The painting, oil on a linen canvas, has a dark wood frame.

Anyone with any information about the theft or the whereabouts of the painting is asked to contact Lindsey at terrylindsey@