Blame’s baby a sign of season

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"blamebaby"He’s pushy, a little jiggy and bouncy and you really wouldn’t want to start picking apart his conformation because he won’t stand still long enough to let you look at him.

But that’s OK. The 12-day-old foal looks and acts like any other with the legs that go every which way, a fuzzy face, a scrawny tail and a me-first attitude. He wants to know why you’re looking at him. He wants to taste the glove of the man holding his mother’s halter, he wants to climb up and say hello.

He’s also kind of famous.

The bay colt in the long, skinny paddock next to Jackson Road in Chester County, Pa. is the first foal of Blame, Claiborne Farm’s champion who entered stud after defeating Zenyatta in the 2010 Breeders’ Cup Classic. Officially, the new colt is owned by George Strawbridge and James Wigan but right now he belongs to everybody.

“He’s at that stage,” said Derry Meeting’s Bobby Goodyear. “He’s just gotten full of himself and everything. That’s great to see.”

On cue, the foal cantered down the fenceline with his head down and brushed up against his mother – half being ornery, half looking for comfort – before stopping to nurse.

“Show’s over people,” he would have said. The humans left.

Inside the old broodmare barn at Derry Meeting – which has a Cochranville, Pa. address but is really nowhere near a town of any sort – a 14-hour-old son of Giant’s Causeway and Strawbridge stakes winner Latice rests in his stall. Back in 1977, future stallion legend Danzig was born in the same barn.

It’s that time of year at Thoroughbred nurseries all over the country. Babies are being born every day (night) and bring with them a little excitement, some long hours and the hope provided by anything new.

Even a skinny bay colt with no idea what lies ahead.