TIHR Top 10 for 2019: 5

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The steeplechase world seemed to lose more than its fair share in 2019. We’ve already noted one in the first half of the countdown and the fifth most read piece of the year remembers another.

Sean Clancy’s post in his The Inside Rail blog titled “Catherine French, photographer and more,” leads off the top 5 pieces of 2019 here at This Is Horse Racing. Sean paid tribute to French, likening her to a first responder and that hearing her say “you’re ok” was “as good as a concussion test, a doctor’s note.”

“She knew when we broke our legs, she knew when we separated another shoulder, she knew when we were concussed and through for the day,” Sean wrote. “Who was before her? Fred Freudy? Remember his win pictures? Three black and white across the top, two below, black lettering on a white board. Gems of another era. Hers were revolutionary, full color, calligraphy lettering in swirls and swoops, more photos, bigger photos for the big ones. I have a few on the wall and bunches in plastic crates in the attic. I need to write a note on the top of the crates, ‘Miles, don’t throw these away when I’m gone.’ ”

The story appeared Oct. 4 and is No. 5 on the TIHR Top 10 for 2019.

No. 5: Catherine French, photographer and more


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