TIHR Top 10 for 2017: No. 9

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The countdown rolls along with the ninth most ready story at thisishorseracing.com, a column by Joe Clancy taking time away from the office to visit with Todd and Blair Wyatt in Monkton, Md.

Joined by his trusty companion Katie the Labrador, Joe made the trip after spending time with his three sons in various parts of Maryland. The trip to Monkton came on a whim, with a text that read: “In the neighborhood, where’s your barn?”

A little bit later Joe and Katie were on the farm, watching a set of four train.

“It’s a great walk, even at a frosty 20 degrees,” Joe wrote. “Katie tugged at the leash, I kept pace, the horses walked down the road, across a creek, up a hill you could ski down and then trotted/galloped in a straw ring Wyatt had put down the night before to combat the frozen ground.”

The column ran March 15 and is No. 9 on the Top 10 for 2017. Check out the full column, and the others in the Top 10 for 2017 below.

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