TIHR Top 10 for 2017: No. 7

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We rolled out a few new features in 2017 and one of the most successful was the Jumping Around Podcast. The podcasts started in early April – Turney McKnight was our first guest – and rolled through the North American steeplechase season. The most popular podcast and the seventh most landed on page in 2017 was out look back on the accomplishments of Senior Senator.

Trainer Joe Davies sat down with Joe Clancy at WYPR in Baltimore to talk about Senior Senator, a flop on the flat who bloomed into a star over timber. He crossed the finish line first or second in every timber race he started, with the two biggest wins coming in the 2016 Maryland Hunt Cup and 2017 Grand National a week before the pod. He even appeared on 60 Minutes.

Take a moment to listen again, the Senior Senator story comes in as the seventh most read (listened to) piece in 2017.

No. 7: Jumping Around Podcast: The Senior Senator story

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