TIHR Top 10 for 2017: No. 4

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Members of the core team of three here at This Is Horse Racing wrote the first six popular stories we rolled out on the TIHR Top 10 for 2017 countdown. The fourth most popular story of 2017 was a guest column, about a special place and a special bond among family members.

Written by Lacey Gaudet and titled “Unbreakable Bond,” the guest column came just after the 2017 Saratoga meeting wrapped for the season. Gaudet wrote about what it was like for her and other family to be in Saratoga while father Eddie continued his own battles back home in Maryland.

“We’re doing what’s right for him, keeping him at home when it’s hard for us, because this is where he belongs,” wrote Gaudet, who split her time back home with being in Saratoga with her mother Linda and sister Gabby. “He has given us a name that rings proud from coast to coast and I never get tired of people asking, when they truly care, ‘How’s Eddie?’ I always say, ‘Thanks for asking,’ because it’s comforting to know that no one has forgotten him. But how could they?”

Posted Sept. 11, “Unbreakable Bond” is the fourth most read story of 2017 at This Is Horse Racing. Read it again right here.

No. 4: Guest column: Unbreakable Bond


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