TIHR Top 10 for 2017: No. 1

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The headline reads like a hard news story. The first few sentences make it clear that it was not, but rather a feature about the piles of wins Paddy Young racked up during his career and his current physical battles after a horrific spill at the Radnor Races in Malvern, Pa.

Sean Clancy’s story “Champion jockey Paddy Young injured” was published May 24, four days after Young suffered a traumatic head injury after a spill aboard Kings Apollo in the Radnor Hunt Cup timber stakes. Sean talked to Young’s wife Leslie, who talked about her husband’s goals.

“He would always look at the jockeys’ list and say, ‘I want to get to 200 winners,’ ” Leslie told Sean. “That’s just Paddy. That’s what he likes to do.”

“Young hadn’t told anyone else that,” Sean wrote. “At least, if he had, they weren’t saying. Not his style, quiet, understated and as determined as a stray dog on the last bone, he wouldn’t let you know he was keeping score. Oh, but he kept score. You don’t win five championships and creep ever closer to an impossible number by not keeping score.

“And now, nobody’s worried about the score. Only about Young, who was injured in a fall with Kings Apollo in the Radnor Hunt Cup timber stakes at the Radnor Races in Malvern, Pa. Saturday. Young emerged with a fractured skull and a broken neck. He’s stable, but still in the intensive-care ward at Paoli Medical Center. Doctors tell Leslie her husband can make a full recovery, but that doesn’t make any of it easier.”

Here is the No. 1 story on the TIHR Top 10 for 2017. Please give it a read, maybe a second or third time, and keep Paddy in your prayers as his recovery continues.

And finally, Happy New Year to you the reader. You make all of this happen.

No. 1: Champion jockey Paddy Young injured


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