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Monday’s Special selections

Sales week is in the books and The Saratoga Special returns to its regular publishing schedule this week, forcing our handicappers into cyberspace for Monday’s nine-race card at Saratoga Race Course.

John Shapazian spurted away to lead the next closest pursuer by 10 wins at one point last week and is The Special’s leader heading into the final day of Week 4 with 67 wins from 213 races. That’s a strike rate of 31.4 percent. Shapazian leads by six over Tom Law’s 61 wins.

A good battle is percolating for the third spot with Gaile Fitzgerald and Charles Bedard tied with 53 wins. Chad Summers isn’t far back with 49 wins.

Here’s how our handicappers see Monday’s card, which includes the $100,000 Tenski Stakes for 3-year-old fillies on the grass.

Gaile Fitzgerald (53/213)
1-Silver Morgan, Dedicated Deal, Oldwick.
2-Skinner Box, Smilingsundae, Moondance Joy.
3-Wealth to Me, Moe Man, Chairman Now.
4-Rontos New York, Hushhushmushmush, Chairman Now.
5-Attractive Ride, Buckeye Heart, Brown entry.
6-Alexndeed, Gentrify, Forest Boy.
7-Thisdanistaken, Be My Love, Chelsea Road.
8-Walk Close, Hillhouse High, Sweet Acclaim.
9-Emperor’s Ring, Giant Slayer, Bolt From the Blue.

John Shapazian (67/213)
1-Silver Morgan, Deadicated Deal, Wild Finish.
2-Smilingsundae, Skinner Box, Moondance Joy.
3-Moe Man, Wealth to Me, Romancing the Gold.
4-Hushhushmushmush, Chasin Chama, Downgoesfrazier.
5-Attractive Ride, La Marca entry, Hillswick.
6-Forest Boy, Bird Now, Gentrify.
7-Be My Love, Chelsea Road, Thisdanseistaken.
8-Walk Close, Hillhouse High, Sweet Acclaim.
9-Eternal Bull, Giant Slayer, Emperor’s Ring.

Tom Law (61/213)
1-Silver Morgan, Dedicated Deal, Oldwick.
2-Moondance Joy, Smilingsundae, Skinner Box.
3-Moe Man, Rooster Cruiser, Wealth to Me.
4-Hushhushmushmush, Rontos New York, Chasin Chama.
5-Brown entry, Attractive Ride, Hillswick.
6-Byron’s Pop, Smoke Police, Bird Now.
7-Thetaloveandmine, Chelsea Road, Thisdanseistaken.
8-Sweet Acclaim, Walk Close, Super Sky.
9-Eternal Bull, Spa City Treasure, Voter Turnout.

Charles Bedard (53/213)
1-Dedicated Deal, Silver Morgan, Ballybrit.
2-Smilingsundae, Battle Axe, Skinner Box.
3-Moe Man, Wealth To Me, Magnificent Moon.
4-Rontos New York, Hushhushmushmush, Downgoesfrazier.
5-Attractive Ride, Buckeye Heart, B Shanny.
6-Perfect Danger, Smoke Police, Bird Now.
7-Thetaloveandmine, Thisdanseistaken, Persnickity.
8-Sweet Acclaim, Walk Close, Miss Frost.
9-Captain Keon, Emperor’s Ring, Eternal Bull.

Chad Summers (49/213)
1-Oldwick, Deadicated Deal, Wild Finish.
2-Skinner Box, Smilingsundae, Moondance Joy.
3-Chairman Now, Moe Man, Wealth to Me.
4-Chasin Chama, Downgoesfrazier, Hushhushmushmush.
5-Attractive Ride, Buckeye Heart, Dan’s Gold.
6-Byron’s Pop, Gentrify, Smoke Police.
7-Starship Pleasant, Persnickity, Thisdanseistaken.
8-Sweet Acclaim, Walk Close, Zinzay.
9-Bolt from the Blue, Giant Slayer, Spa City Treasure.


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