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Twelve questions from the Iroquois...

Nyquist has been to 33 of the last 36 Preaknesses. He’ll make it 34 of 37 Saturday. He’s even been to several runnings of the Belmont Stakes to try (and usually fail) to see history – Big Brown let him down; American Pharoah came through. Nyquist went to a few Breeders’ Cups at Santa Anita and was at Keeneland for Thoroughbred racing’s championship day last year.

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As the Maryland Jockey Club’s Dave Joseph put it, “Lots of good writing today, right? You’ve got the mist and all that.”

Right. Mist. Atmosphere. And one pretty cool horse.

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There were three naked, hot, wet women in my car Sunday. If that doesn’t make you keep reading, nothing will. But, sorry, that’s as risqué as this gets. The women – Sam Clancy, Julie DeFelice and Cathy Roelke – ran Philadelphia’s Broad Street Run Sunday morning in the rain and cold and rain and cold and rain and cold.

It’s 2:23 on the last Saturday of April in Maryland’s Worthington Valley just north of Baltimore. In less than an hour, the 13 horses in the Maryland Hunt Cup will leave for the paddock. Let’s walk the shedrow.