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Kempton Bombshell. That’s the headline in the Racing Post as Britain plans to bulldoze another turf track and build another all-weather. As John Gorka sings, “They’re growing houses in the fields between the towns. And the Starlight drive-in movie’s closing down
The road is gone to the way it was before. And the spaces won’t be spaces anymore.”

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One of my resolutions is to write more, well, write more well. That sentence definitely doesn't suffice. Ah well, we'll keep trying.

So far in 2017, I've been diving into other forms, a book, a journal (for me now, for Miles later) and some other creative spots, they probably won't see the light of day. As I was toiling and tinkering and looking for distraction today, I checked my friend George Baker's blog. A great friend, a horse trainer and a natural writer, his daily blog always provides a moment of escape. His entry from January 2, sadly, isn't an escape. I cut and pasted it below, it's good perspective on a world gone mad.

Read him daily, you never know what you're going to get. 

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The house is quiet. The Christmas tree lights are dark. The Australian Shepherd/Catahoula, who hasn’t threatened to bite me in hours, lies silent on his bed. Deerwood Lake drifts quietly behind glass doors. The coffee maker, which worked overtime Christmas Day, has yet to stir. I step gently, slippers dangling from my left fingertips, backpack slung over my right shoulder, down the stairs, to the cocoon of a basement at a lake house outside Birmingham, Alabama.

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Two-time Eclipse Award-winning jockey Garrett Gomez died on December 14. He was 44.

I typed that sentence at the bottom of my weekly column in the Irish Field, below Mastery and Abel Tasman Grade 1 scores at Los Alamitos, below Paulasilverlining’s Aqueduct triumph, below Irish-bred Lady Valeur’s off-the-turf stakes win.

Yes, below all those.

A man’s life, poof, a footnote in 900 words.

Abby looked at me from atop a straw bale, as chaos reigned all around.

“You guys have the best parties.”

Sign, sealed and delivered, the second-grader made everything worth it.

Of course, the moment didn’t last long as Ryan shook up and down on the end of the zip line, “Come on, let me go, let me go.”