Periodic columns from our staff and the occasional guest.

The Empire

Three times. Empire Maker has stopped me in my tracks. Thudded me to silence. Jolted me from my thoughts.

Absent Friends

To four men, a newspaper company, lives well lived and people reached by all.

Running and Writing

It was a throwaway line at the end of an email, five days into the New Year.

Looking back at McDynamo from 2007

The following is from the December 2007 edition of Steeplechase Times, and covered the retirement of McDynamo after a loss in the Colonial Cup on the season's final day. With the news of his death Dec. 1, it seemed fitting to dive back in. There won't be another like him.


Quiet house.

Going Racing

It was too good to be true. Veterans’ chase. Right-handed. Nine entries. Valuable prize. High weight. Fresh off a win. I’ll be there.

Short Lists and Plane Rides

There is nothing like the separation, the sequester, the purgatory of a plane ride. Especially one from overseas. London Heathrow to Washington Dulles. I lost the timeframe in the pilot’s opening salvo…delay…headwind…make up time in the air…eight, hour hours, some amount of minutes. I’m on my third movie, after a fitful nap, maybe two, and a serving of pancetta macaroni and cheese (actually not bad) and wondering what I’m missing down below.