The Saturday Special – Jan. 18

We can always tell when a big racing day is on tap when the inbox fills with previews for Saturday cards carrying designated names.

The Saturday Special – Jan. 11

Take a deep breath, you’ve earned it and you’ll need it for the weekends ahead wading through the opening month of 2020.

The Big Three

The presenters of the Eclipse Awards announced probable divisional champions Bricks And Mortar, Maximum Security and Mitole as finalists last weekend for 2019 Horse of the Year honors.

Bettina Jenney remembered for grace

Open whatever dictionary you choose and look up the word gracious, you will see a picture of Bettina Jenney. Then turn to soft-spoken and, again, there will be a photo of Bettina. Then turn to the words beautiful and elegant and there she is again and again.

The Saturday Special – Jan. 4

Welcome to 2020. Our team here at This Is Horse Racing hopes you enjoyed a safe and enjoyable holiday season. Now it’s time to get back to work, back to the routine and back to racing.

The Saturday Special – Dec. 21

A special pre-holiday edition of the primer this week with racing from New Orleans, South Florida and New York to distract you from the start of college football bowl season, decorating, traveling or finishing up your shopping.