‘Legendary’ Gerrity harkens back to glory days

Puffs of smoke emanated from cigars, circling the heads of spectators on the clubhouse apron. Mosquitoes, moths, and scores of other insects zipped to and fro, dancing in the beams of the track lights. The lights themselves hung from their posts and shone down on the half-mile stone dust racetrack. They are decades-old pillars, a reminder of an era when nighttime harness racing was one of the most popular sports in America.

Unique approach to stallion marketing

Millions of Americans tune their televisions to ABC Monday nights to watch the popular reality program The Bachelor – or The Bachelorette depending on the season – for an escape, the chance to predict the winner or just to be entertained by the frequently included irreverent contestants. 

Better Talk Now: Time to say goodbye

Fenella O’Flynn was riffling through her Toyota 4Runner in search of a cigarette lighter. “I haven’t smoked since New Year’s Eve,” she paused long enough to say. “But f*** it.”

Jumping Around Podcast: Jockey Hadden Frost

Englishman Hadden Frost, 26, came to the United States this spring and rode several jump races. He picked up wins at My Lady's Manor and Willowdale and nearly won the Maryland Hunt Cup. Before all of that, he won "50-odd" races on the flat and another 70 or so over jumps while following his father Jimmy's footsteps to the winner's circle. In an early June conversation, he talked about his background, experience with pony racing, riding with Ryan Moore, getting quizzed by Martin Pipe and what it feels like to ride a winner at the Cheltenham Festival. 

Jumping Around Podcast: Trainer Richard Valentine

You know him as the guy behind 2014 steeplechase champion Demonstrative and some other stars to come off Whitewood Farm in Virginia. He grew up in a family with little or no horse background, but dove in and now operates one of the country's most successful stables. We caught up to him by telephone last week to talk about how he became a trainer and more.

Short resume, long run of success

Alan Woodbury won’t play the name-dropping game of high-profile people. But he will talk high-profile horses.